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Collective 101

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Collective 101


Collective 101 is an eclectic group of contemporary artists brought together out of serendipitous events and shear luck.Our workshop is located in the back
building of the Woodstock exchange, where we create wondrous things that excite and sustain us. But largely we find ourselves supporting and bouncing
off each other, while observing the crazy Woodstock streets below.

We are inspired by loud deep drilling sounds, huge holes in the walls, dust and other uncertainties.

101s’ can be found munching on the faux grass, taking a break from the wall bashing and wolf whistles whilst sipping on über cool cups of coffee.

You’ll be glad to know: open studios coming soon!!

We are:

Fine art painter and fledgling ceramicist: Melanie Sutton a.k.a lemony melanie

The talented contemporary jewellery designer: Pamela Deans-Dundas

The Jack of all trades: Ruth Frances (Illustration/painting/ceramics)

Functional sculpture designer: Tessa Whyatt

Pop-artist extraordinaire: Tarryn Gordon

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