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FatSak Beanbag – the beanbag without the beans.

We make what is possibly the most luxurious and comfortable beanbag on the planet. That is no over exaggeration either. At international trade fairs, our beanbag comes out tops. The question of course is why?

We do not use beans in our “beanbags”. We do not use scrap foam or shred foam either, which is what some of our “Chinese” and other “Overseas” friends use. No, we use locally manufactured 100% virgin polyurethane foam. It’s not cheap, but it is supremely comfortable. And it lasts – you will not need to refill your beanbag, ever!

That is not the whole story though. So we already have the most comfortable filling in our beanbag but what do we cover it with? How about 30 000 rub-count upholstery grade fabric…This is not some cheap mirco-seude from the East. We are talking best of the best here, so that YOU can enjoy (probably) the best beanbag in the world.

Local is indeed lekker – we make FatSak for the South African market where quality is more important than quantity. FatSak is handmade in Cape Town with the utmost care taken to make sure you receive the best quality beanbag at the most reasonable prices.

So we have a challenge for you and your tushy – go sit in a FatSak beanbag and try not to smile…go on try it, we dare you.

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