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Honest – Raw Organic Chocolate

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Honest – Raw Organic Chocolate


PHONE: 021 423 8762
FACEBOOK: Honest Chocolate
TWITTER: @honestchoc



Honest Chocolate all started from a bit of experimentation with raw cacao. Anthony made a few simple chocolates from raw cacao powder as a healthy treat for himself and friends and when they were polished off in seconds, with demands for more, he knew he was onto something. Over the next few months he taught himself more about the art and science of chocolate making, an endeavour that eventually developed into Honest Chocolate.

Meanwhile Michael was also experimenting with raw chocolate in London, with similar results, and so on his return to Cape Town, when the opportunity came to join Anthony on his chocolate adventure, the decision wasn’t all that difficult. The attraction was the diversity of making chocolate and being involved in something that continually changes, something both fun and rewarding.



Honest Chocolate is a small (just two chocolate-makers!) artisanal chocolate company based in Cape Town, South Africa. All our chocolate is hand crafted in small batches using traditional, old school chocolate making methods, including hand tempering the chocolate on a granite slab tabletop and hand dipping each chocolate bonbon. The bonbons are then boxed up and the slabs individually wrapped using eco friendly paper. Most chocolate is made from roasted cacao, however we use organic, raw cacao, which is higher in antioxidants and therefore even better for you than regular dark chocolate. The cacao is ethically sourced from Ecuador. There are also no preservatives, additives or emulsifiers in our chocolate and it is free of dairy and processed sugar (instead of sugar we use Agave Nectar which has a very low GI). We believe in keeping things hand-crafted, using quality organically produced ingredients and making a pure chocolate that has a deliciously distinct feel and taste.



Bonbons: Dark and intense with a hard chocolate outside and a soft smooth chocolatey centre. Melt in your mouth. Each praline is cut by hand and hand dipped using a traditional dipping fork.

Original Bonbon Ingredients: Raw organic cacao, Organic virgin coconut oil (cold pressed), Organic blue agave nectar, Organic vanilla pods

Mint Bonbon Ingredients: Raw organic cacao, Organic virgin coconut oil (cold pressed), Organic blue agave nectar, Organic vanilla pods, Organic mint

Shelf life: 2 months (they are fine for longer but we like them to be fresh)

 Slabs (72%): Pure simple chocolate. Just raw, organic cacao and a bit of agave. Floral notes of jasmine from the singe origin Aribba Nacional bean from Ecuador. Each bar is hand moulded.

72% with nibs: pure raw organic cacao and agave with pieces of crushed cacao beans (called nibs) sprinkled onto the slab. Wrapper illustration by Jean de Wet

72% with macs: pure raw organic cacao and agave with a bit of maca root from Peru. Maca is a source of natural energy and vitality (it also enhances the libido…) and gives the chocolate a very subtle malt flavour.

72% with Coffee: pure raw organic cacao and agave with cracked organic coffee beans sprinkled on the back.

72% with Kalahari Desert Salt: pure raw organic cacao and agave with Onyx Kalahari Desert salt. Wrapper illustration by Toby Newsome

88%: pure raw organic cacao and agave, the darker side of chocolate.. ‘Don’t be afraid of the dark’.

72% with Bittersweet Orange:vpure raw organic cacao and agave with sweet orange essence. Wrapper illustration by Marsi Van de Heuwel and hand stamped by us.

Shelf life: 6 months

Spread: It tastes and feels incredibly indulgent. Velvety feel with deep chocolate flavour. Can have it on anything, especially good on fresh ciabatta, strawberries, bananas – or just on a spoon. Also goes well on most body parts.

Ingredients: Raw organic cacao, Organic virgin coconut oil (cold pressed), Organic blue agave nectar, Organic vanilla pods

Shelf life: 6 months

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