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‘KINGDOM is everything we love, its a collection of beautiful things’ says its
owners Chloe Williams and Sjaniel Turrell . . . ‘ its the coming together of the
old world and the new, a feeling of exotic far away places, a travel tale of an
African adventure, found in a treasured tin trunk of memories’ A stroll through
the Louvre or your favourite market in Berlin.

KINGDOM is designer and dealer of accessories and apparel for both
men and woman…of home ware, quirky vintage collectables, furniture, art,
…designer hats and even bowties!

KINGDOM is a love affair of a world lost and found and celebration of
contemporary design, the avant-garde and the artisan. It’s what was and
what is to come. It’s the freedom to love the contemporary, something
bright, playful and fashionable and to treasure the old and passed down, the
classical and timeless and to put them together in a new and perfect harmony.

Kingdom is the harmonious haberdashery!


Office: +27 739216150

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