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PHONE: 074 472 4973
WEBSITE: Makemba Boutique
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Handcrafted Artisanal Jewelry | Apparel | Gifting | Slow Production | Retail | Wholesale | Worldwide Shipping


A story of freedom. ….

MAKEMBA, a central African name meaning Freedom.

Our vision is created around preserving ancient textile and jewelry craftsmanship. Merging tribal designs and materials into new age designs whilst supporting indigenous tribes and artisans worldwide.

Enjoy a limited edition of Hand crafted Artisanal jewelry, clothing and accessories. Each piece unique.

A Nomadic Bohême Designer Collection

We choose to live a nomadic life and have been on the road, living off our handcrafts for the last ten years. We are continuously encountering magic moments, beautiful tribes, traditions, materials and jewelry from around the world. Travel ignites our inspiration and this is what we wish to preserve and share with you.

All our materials are sourced around the world — from the great indian deserts of Rajasthan to traditional trade markets in Africa, from wandering gypsies riding on camels backs, to Mexican traders on cobbled stone streets, from the top of the Andes mountains in Peru, to ancient Balinese villages surrounded by rice fields. Each piece carrying with it such rich history and culture.

The collections of unique artisanal accessories & apparel have an eclectic nomadic spirit, merging traditional tribal designs and materials into new age designs. Our hope is that when you wear one of our items, you can deeply connect to the nomadic culture that each piece was born from. Each creation with their own story and heritage, Each piece unique.

Our clothing range, Focusing on High Quality, handmade, tribal-chic wear for Men and Women. Statement pieces combined with original tribal fabric sourced throughout Africa.

Our jewelry range features handmade Macrame, silver, and ancient Aztec techniques of wire and brass jewelry making.

All creations are either handmade or designed by us.

MAKEMBA, dedicated to bringing the awareness of conscious consumption, supporting small businesses around the world.

Each piece made slowly, with love and no mass production.

Tribal | Handmade | Fairtrade | Slow Production

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