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Melanie Sutton

Posted on June 29th, by Sergio in Sub-tenant. Comments Off

My work does not belong to a particular artistic paradigm. Rather, it
reflects my responses to personal observations and emotional interactions.
Sometimes these are everyday and mundane; often they are unexpected and
surprising; they are constantly changing and evolving.

The process mirrors what I see and feel, so it is by nature organic and
experimental. When I explore a specific technique, I allow myself to be
spontaneous with it, to play with the materials, not to take myself too
seriously. Then I move on, keeping some things with me, discarding others,
and occasionally coming back for bits I’ve left behind.

My work is inherently personal but not indulgent: I try to create images that
are light and engender a sense of lightness; and I hope that my creations,
though diverse, are bound by a thread of beauty.


Office: 0845966562

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