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The Bureau

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The Bureau


PHONE: 083 325 3322
FACEBOOK: The Bureaux – Flexible Work Habitats


A busy photographer/videographer still needs some time in ‘the office’.
Any experienced photographer/videographer gets to a stage when the truth hits home. A large amount of time is spent away from the camera – time spent in post-production, invoicing, marketing, client negotiations, other admin and general communication.
No-one wants to willingly pay rent for their own office if they can avoid it.

Welcome to The Bureau:

  • A shared work-space for like-minded photographers and videographers
  • A space to edit, up-load, connect and share ideas
  • Super-fast internet, sunny, open-plan space with membership options to suit you.
  • The hub where it all happens for photographers and videographers including events, classes, workshops, presentations
  • Variety of new food and coffee shops in the same building

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