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The Exchange in Woodstock, otherwise know as The Woodstock Exchange, is about the giving and receiving of energy and ideas from like minded creatives and businesses. It’s really a place to work, play, interact, exhibit, flourish and be yourself. Its an incubator for young fledgling businesses as well as a home to international market makers. The common thread is creativity.


If you a looking to be part of the hippest, happening, award winning and most interesting and affordable work space in Cape Town, this is the space for you. The WEX, as it’s been affectionately called, is the start of a journey. It’s a treasure hunt of creativity from internationally acclaimed designers and artists, to heads of youth culture and music. It’s your photographers, fashion designers, printers, illustrators, film directors, business incubators and traders. It’s your local deli, organic vegetables, freshly roasted coffee and cocktails. It’s a place to catch up with old friends and meet new. It’s more than an office or a shop. It’s an Atelier space! It’s the workshop for artists in every form of the word.


Apprentices begin young, become journeymen, before perhaps finally becoming masters. WEX is the space to teach and be taught. It’s where you can look up and down, left side and right side. Join us today.


About the Property Developers

Property developers Nick Ferguson , Barry Harlen and Jody Aufrichtig are no strangers to the creative scene, and many know that Woodstock and the City Centre have always been an integral part of their growing portfolio. Together they own The Old Biscuit Mill, Indigo Properties, Daddy Long Legs Art Hotel, Daddy Long Leg’s Self Catering Apartments in Long Street, Old Mac Daddy Luxury Park in Elgin and were founding shareholders in Daddy’s Deals.

The Woodstock Exchange is yet another development they acquired late last year and Jody describes the location as a ‘multi use creative business community’. The aim is to transform not only the building, from an industrial space to a multi-faceted creative hub, but to also contribute to the energies that Woodstock so generously boasts.

Some of the movers and shakers currently based at The Woodstock Exchange:

Pedersen + Lennard

Bandwidth Barn

The Cape Town Garage (88mph)

Only Today (Daniel Ting Chong)

One Horse Town

Starling & hero

Rosetta Roastery (Coffee)

We Are Awesome Blog

The Woodstock Exchange is a space for work and play, and it’s about empowering communities to add yet another layer of creative flare to a re-energised Woodstock.