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Launched in 2011, the Woodstock Exchange is a multi-purpose space where Capetonians flock to work, play, interact, exhibit and flourish. More than just a hip office complex or retail centre, WEX as it’s affectionately known, is an incubator for young fledgling businesses as well as a home to international market makers and acclaimed artisans. The common thread throughout is– and always has been– creativity and inspirational exchange.

WEX is the brainchild of Nick Ferguson and Jody Aufrichtig, the energising entrepreneurial duo behind other Cape Town and Western Cape landmarks and attractions, such as the Old Biscuit Mill, Old Mac Daddy Luxury Trailer Park (in Elgin) and the Daddy Long Legs Hotels on Long Street. In the years since its inception, WEX has developed into a creative, design and tech hub, helping to cultivate some of the Mother City’s most innovative and impressive brands and businesses.

On the retail side, visitors can find forward-thinking fashion brands, such as Creative-Cables, a bespoke light making component store producing iconic designs and implementing fixtures to upgrade your home and office space, and Kelly Red – whose hairdressing skills go beyond the basic cut-and-blow to craft a mix of old, settled methodology and on-trend techniques to create walking pieces of art. Additional retailers operating in the fashion space include premium leather goods manufacturers like Project Dyad and streetwise fashion and hat accessories, Flexfit Headwear. One can also discover a host of pre-eminent local product manufacturers, including KnotAgain, Ash & Mill, WetINK and even Happy Sak, producers of arguably the most comfortable (and long-lasting) beanbag chairs in the world.

With regards to the Woodstock Exchange’s food and drink scene, several acclaimed establishments serve patrons on a daily basis. These include Superette, a friendly and inviting neighbourhood style café; Ocean Jewels Fresh Fish, a premier seafood eatery that delivers healthy SASSI green-list fish delights; Euphoria Cafe, one of Cape Town’s most innovative coffee and artisanal snack producers.

To encourage growth and productivity, we have Collab Training Solutions, an open office shared workspace, where digital nomads and companies on the go can reach high levels of productivity with all the required amenities, and Sound Events - an all-encompassing space that includes professional audio, lighting, lasers, and stages for entertainment purposes as well as a fantastic location for corporate conferences that is highly adaptable to any and all needs you have for a working or entertainment event.

Ever dynamic, the Woodstock Exchange is located near the WEX1, directly across the road and available for residents to live their best lives within. This multi-use precinct incorporates retail, commercial and residential space and together with WEX is set to become one of the most sought-after destinations in all of Cape Town.